I feel most free when…

I feel most free when… writing. 

Writing is like magic – without the trickery. 

You start with nothing, to create something.    

Worlds, both real and imagined, are built with words.

These carefully crafted lands of language last lifetimes.

Crossing time, age and borders to frame our thoughts.

From Ali Baba to Zorro, colourful characters pervade our minds.

Minds enriched by the creation, telling and sharing of stories. 

We write happiness into life, simply by putting pen to paper.

Each of us has a story, each can learn to tell it, for we are all writers.

Grit and graft determine how well our words hang together,

But it’s practice, not magical ability, that transforms ghastly to great. 

And our collective story evolves only from cacophony of voice. 

Every story must begin sometime, somehow, somewhere.

Unleash your mind, your imagination and your happiness –  

Join the national writing day celebrations by starting your story. 

Simply begin with this:  I feel most free when…

Great leaders tell great stories.  Storytelling is critical to success in business.  Alex is a storyteller, helping businesses, brands and boards to sculpt standout stories. She established not A Duff word in March 2017.  Her blog ‘early words’ is usually published on Thursday mornings at 07:00 – it has been published early this week to celebrate National Writing Day.


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Alex Duff

Freelance Communications Professional

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