Cover - The Wonderful Circles of Oz

The Wonderful Circles of Oz:  A Circular Economy Story

 ‘The harder you work, the more you’ll improve your lot.’  That’s the simple story we’ve been sold over the last 40 years to justify how today’s economy works.

Extreme inequality, the devastation of our natural world, the erosion of our communities, tell us this economic story resembles a work of fiction and the way our extractive economy operates is not fit for purpose.

Yet a restoration narrative, a satisfying story about our future and how we’ll get there, is slow to emerge.  The myths of the present persist, and a new social contract still awaits creation, despite the acceleration of pandemics, inequality, and climate weirding.

The Wonderful Circles of Oz is a contribution to a restoration narrative.

Using allegory, commentary, and reflection it helps speed the shift from an extractive economy of materials, energy, and finance to one based on an effective circular economy, which builds wealth as a stock of solutions accessible to all.

Interwoven into this new story is justice.  It’s about autonomy, essential freedoms, and rebuilding social and natural capitals.  This is both our endowment and our gift to the future.

The Wonderful Circles of Oz provides both the framework and the solutions for navigating towards an effective Circular Economy.

It’s taken Ken Webster and I five years to write this book because we wanted to find a new, accessible and compelling way to tell this narrative about the future direction of our economy.  By blending fact and fiction we use a storytelling approach that’s based on the allegory that reputedly underpins L Frank Baum’s book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in 1900.

Interested in buying the book? It’s available from our publisher, Routledge, all good bookstores and Amazon.

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