Sadia Salam, Executive Coach

“It was great to work with Alex. Our initial call was so enjoyable and Alex “got me” from the start.  She asked valuable and probing questions and put everything together beautifully. A very talented writer and a wonderful human too.”

Elize Clark, Senior Client & Programme Manager, Women Ahead and Moving Ahead

“Alex is not only passionate about what she does but she’s a positive team player, a superb listener and is always willing to take on a challenge.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and asks the right questions at the right time.  Her professional style and approach is a real pleasure to work with and … Continue reading Elize Clark, Senior Client & Programme Manager, Women Ahead and Moving Ahead

Sir Ian Cheshire, former CEO, Kingfisher plc

“Restorative business wasn’t really high on the agenda back in 2012. Net Positive was born to show how big business can be a force for good. Alex was instrumental in helping communicate that.”

Henry Goodwin, former Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Kingfisher

“It doesn’t really matter what the situation or who the audience. The thing about Alex is she’s a great communicator.  You can put her in at any level and be confident she’ll be able to make a connection.”  (Alex pictured here on Kingfisher business with former Prime Minister, David Cameron.)

Matt Sexton, Strategy Director, Futerra

“Can she understand complex issues and provide solid communications advice? Absolutely. But more importantly, when the chips are down, Alex isn’t too proud to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in. She has a sense of fun.”

Jaideep Wasu, former Youth Board CEO

“The Youth Board was an amazing opportunity project managed by Alex. It took place over the course of a year and opened a lot of doors. Seven years on most of us remain in contact with Alex – she’s still happy to give her own time, advice and guidance whenever we need it.”