Simplyhealth appointed not A Duff word to articulate its transformation story.
The brief was to develop a shared language and overarching story that could be consistently used by the executive and within communications.
The organisation’s valuable purpose and need for transformation to deliver it, was already firmly determined.  It was a lack of narrative consistency that was confusing the picture for colleagues and customers.
With a history spanning 145-years, many story elements already existed but were expressed in different ways, across a plethora of places.
Sifting through this wealth of information, I identified key messages, then worked with the executive leadership and communication team to refine and simplify the language.  I crafted a coherent story about where the business had come from and where it was going.  This set out; the problem expressed through customer eyes; the opportunity; the urgent need for transformation; the company’s valuable purpose and their unique position for delivering on it.
Deliverables included; their umbrella story, presented in a manifesto-style summary report; a key messaging palette, and; content development for a tactical ‘reward and recognition’ campaign to show how their story’s elements would translate practically into day-to-day communications.
“We understand the world through stories and they have the power to transform. We wanted to embrace story to help our people and partners understand where we are headed, why, and how their actions transform us to get there.  Alex helped us articulate that story.  She’s great at teasing out what’s important and giving structure to what is otherwise a mass of disparate information.”
Richard Gillies
Chief Operating Officer
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