I love words. They matter.

Were the pen not mightier than the sword, I wouldn’t have been skillfully crafting the words of internationally-loved household brands for two decades.

Be they written or spoken, the stories, scripts and soundbites I’ve sculpted over the years have been seen and heard on an international stage.

I established not A Duff word in March 2017 to help businesses, brands and boards find words and ways to cut through the noise.

When I’m not writing for business, I’m writing fiction for pleasure. Nothing makes me happier than stories that surprise. I’m particularly interested in how fiction can be used to connect mass audiences to the issues that matter. I’m drawn to telling purposeful stories and giving voice to those who can’t, or find it difficult to, share their own.  

In addition to words I’m passionate about (and have a good knowledge of) the circular economy; environmental and social sustainability, our industrialized food system, cystic fibrosis, autism and hopefully very soon… dogs!