BSI is the business standards company that helps organizations make excellence a habit, enabling others to perform better the world over.

BSI appointed not A Duff word to produce an executive briefing for the world’s first standard for implementing the principles of the circular economy in organizations.

The brief was to provide a short snappy overview of the Standard (BS 8001), specifically aimed at executives, decision-makers and senior managers. The briefing had to quickly demonstrate the benefits of a more circular approach and secure executive leader buy-in for the Standard.

The full Standard had already been written and designed as a practical toolkit. Whilst extremely useful to practitioners, tasked with working through the challenges of making their organizations more circular, it was felt the Standard’s 100 pages would be unlikely to engage a time-pressured executive leadership. 

Written to be simple and brief, the summary provides executive leaders with a short cut to understanding:

  1. Why they ought be interested in the circular economy.
  2. What the Standard does and why it is useful and credible.

The executive briefing was made completely free and in its first year has been downloaded more than 1,000 times. It can be found here.

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